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4Eternitys "SKULLY" is a new design brought to the brand. The concept which is that 'live just 2 die' but some 'are dying 2 live' represented by the skully with wings. Also, it is a skull but its eternal. No matter whether we are dead or alive the mark you leave last 4eternity. When you are eternal it does not matter what lifetime you are in. YOU ARE LEGENDARY.

Shipping & Returns

For shipping once you order you are able to select where the clothing is getting shipped. For returns direct message 4eternityinc on instagram. Money will be returned within 5 days! We have a 3 day return policy. If clothes are not returned within 3 days we can no longer help and the purchase is finalized!

Care Instructions

Your new 4eternity clothing will be in clear wrapping! Each package is shipped with lots of TLC ! Hand wrapped by 412LIYY each package comes with a 4eternity sticker and autograph! Be eternal while wearing your merchandise. Leave your MARK !